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Commercial Collection

Enforcing contracts as a matter of course

Businesses that have provided goods and services to customers need to have their contracts enforced. Sometimes this can be through formal contact and amicable resolution, although often a lawsuit must be filed to enforce the contract. Failure to pursue accounts receivable effectively and programmatically can have a major impact on a business.


Persistence and competence in pursuit of client goals and using modern tools to protect client interests

The firm’s mission statement states that legal services will be provided and delivered with utmost good faith and adversaries will be treated with civility. Many times the persistent pursuit of accounts will result in their successful collection. When that does not occur, there are many tools available online for determining a debtor’s financial condition, asset location, and revenue sources that might be garnished. Client concerns and cost considerations often dictate how far cases should be pursued, and those directions are followed faithfully.


Knowledge of bankruptcy law also assists in the collection of accounts

The firm seeks prompt intervention for companies trying to collect their receivables through formal contact and civil litigation. There are different considerations and practices for secured and unsecured creditors and these issues are discussed with clients to determine what actions should be conducted. Before most suits are filed for any client with a potentially insolvent customer, a records check is conducted on PACER to determine if the customer is already in bankruptcy. And in the event a bankruptcy has been filed, Ron has filed over 200 motions seeking relief from the automatic stay and dozens of cases objecting to discharge.


Contact Ron Stern today

When you need an experienced attorney to assist in your commercial collection case, contact the Law Office of Ronald William Stern, Esq.


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